I am one of the unlucky person from Singapore. As what others said, this company Lifecell Trial is totally fake!

Make u happy a moment paid $14 plus shipping cost for try out.. The other hand deducted $$ through tour credit card without permission! Dropped email to customer support asking refund no reply.. called and managed to talk to customer service but money issue can't solve still.

This lady whoever saying that return product can get full refund even half tube has been used up but when I mentioned about my colleague trial.. she said no refund even I return product because we are in same company address considered same household! ! What kind of excuses N

BS is this!

Overall, this company not going to refund my $$ !

Feel sorry to my colleague because I have recommended to her this trial!! Don't drop into this trap any more!!

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Modesto, California, United States #941855

i notice that all stories about such products generally are advised to be used as a combination of 2 products. That is a very unusual “coincidence”.

if it is a medical treatment where are the studies?

All such claims are designed to cause gullible women to get sucked into (esp in the middle of night for me when i can’t sleep). We are out of the initial payments & some time if we forget to cancel, much larger amounts for continued shipment.


The sum of $208.70 AD was taken out of my account on the 8/9/14. I have been made redundant in my work and I cannot afford to continue with lifecell..I originally ordered the "free sample" which arrived on the 1/08/14.

I would like to have my money refunded to me as soon as possible. I am sorry for the inconvenience to your Company, I can assure you that my working circumstance was not expected...

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