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Fortunately, I didn't purchase this product.I have been in the Cosmetology profession for 55 years & I read everything I can,pertaining to a product,before I buy it.I saw an ad for this product in a clothing catalog. There was no ingredient list,so I Googled the company.

I saw list of client letters,praising the Lifecell product.They were hilarious.Anyone with a fifth grade education could tell they were bogus.They sounded like the first attempts at writing a piece,from students in an ESL class !! At least those students have an excuse.The sentences rambled on,were out of context & forget about verbs & tenses ! Plus,they sound like the same letters I've seen for other such useless products. It's the same deal:if you don't read the fine print, that $99.00 charge will show up monthly,on your credit card.

Then,try to get through to some one who can help you cancel that & it's next to impossible. I just chalked this up to another scheme I managed to avoid.

BTW...I never did find a list of miracle ingredients for this magic elixir! !!!

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Brisbane, Queensland, Australia #1339176

ok...I came across this product just now on Facebook, and found a video / review with these list of ingredients ...

LifeCell Cream contains a blend of highly effective ingredients that have been shown to improve skin health and reduce the signs of aging.

These include Dithiolane-3-Pentanic Acid Anti-Inflammatory & Anti-Oxidant (D3PA), Deanol, Ubiquinone, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Acetyl Hexapeptide-3 (Argireline), and Ascorbyl Palmitate.

to Anonymous #1369005

Wait! You say you "came across this on FB" then continue defending and list ingredients.

I love the comment " LifeCell Cream contains a blend of highly effective ingredients blah blah". Why do you have to lie to the consumer?

North Little Rock, Arkansas, United States #1301382

This miracle elixir gave me a horrible chemical burn on my face. It's been three years and I still have the scars on my face plus the mental scars of having to walk around with these oozing disgusting wounds on my face and being treated like I was a leper.

I will dry up and blow away before using there products ever again. I have pictures and correspondence if interested

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